Poker Night 2 - Looking for PS3 Dashboard Themes

First off, sincere apologies for posting this in "General Chat", the option to post in the "Poker Night at the Inventory/Poker Night 2" section is gone, so I'm stuck with posting this here.

Anyway - incorrect post placement aside - I'm here to ask about the exclusive PlayStation 3 Poker Night 2 dashboard themes (which are only unlockable through the PS3 version of the game). Specifically, I wanted to ask if anyone knew where I could find high-quality copies of those backgrounds... or if somebody has extracted them yet.

I've Googled for any images or videos of these exclusive themes in high quality, but my search has brought up jack squat.
Heck, the only evidence that these dashboard themes even exist comes from the Unlockables trailer (which is where most people have got screenshots of the PS3 themes from).

I'm sorry if I'm wasting peoples' time, especially if all these exclusive images are available on an obvious website/corner of the net I haven't checked yet... but these backgrounds (at least, based on what I've seen from low quality screenshots) look bloody incredible and, frankly, they deserve to be documented for people to look at/use as desktop backgrounds.
...that, plus I really want that full-res background of Sam jumping through Portal 2's boxart to use as my desktop wallpaper.

Even if you don't know where to find these backdrops/dashboard themes, it would be handy if you could share this post... or even direct me towards people who might be able to help track down these images in full/high-resolution.

Thank you for your time and attention, and I really hope someday we can find these incredible backdrops and have them archived for the sake of preservation!

-- Ben24x7 --


  • I'm sure these can be datamined from the ps3 OS, dont have any experience in ps3 ripping or datamining though

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