Wolf 2 Announcement Predictions

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Post your predictions on the TWAU2 announcement here

  • Will it happen?
  • When will it be announced?
  • Release date?
  • Engine?
  • Original creative team?
    *anything else

Development for LCGTTG's first project should be starting in 3.5 months, pray that it's Wolf 2 and not some new IP which will flop. Hopefully new TTG doesn't die like AdHoc lol


  • Yes.

    I'm thinking December.

    No idea but hopefully they won't take too long.

    Unity ?? Who knows.

  • Yes

    Game Awards

    Fall 2020

    Honestly not sure what engines its going to be, but Im honestly kinda expecting them to reuse a lot of assets. Most importantly I hope they dont do what old Telltale did with the stupid changing the art style. I think most people agree Wolf is Telltale's best looking game, its held up extremely well with its style. The only real improvement it needs is smoother animation.

  • Announced (hopefully) in December. If not that, then at PAX East. Gameplay footage at E3 or SDCC (it IS based off a comic), release date in Fall 2020.

    Part of me wants to be optimistic. These aren't technologically demanding games, and nuTelltale owns all of the original assets and whatever the original team completed before the shutdown. We don't know how much of the work has already been done for them. Making it should not be financially demanding or labor intensive, but money is still a big issue. The company is still incredibly new and is starting out with nothing. It's going to take a while before they can make a finished product, let alone something to show to the press, and I just don't see how they can do that in a month in time for the Game Awards.

  • Around 90 percent it might be wolf 2 because as you heard new CEO said it would be on their shortlist and we're not sure about other games, and about the engine they said we'll improve the assets and graphics so they may use different engine.

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