"The World Before" Episode Discussion

Hey, mid-season finale, really good season so far, and we had a great episode with helluva cliffhanger (RIP my dude).

So, comment before, while, or after, for the last time in this decade (seriously - TWD premiered in October 2010, this is the last episode of 2019, and therefore, of the 2010s). Being a long ride.


  • Just watching it now.
    Shit, that was a hell of a beginner. I was almost convinced that they were going to let that baby be eaten. Dante is more fucked up than I thought.

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    In the mess I totally forgot about Eugene. This kind of changes things since in the comics without him wanting meet the woman over the radio... He certainly has a choice to make now.

  • The episodes coming after look to be very interesting. Almost like a hero's journey kind of story where Michonne has to off to an unknown island to get to key item to possibly end the war. And no more Dante, that annoying bastard. I'm surprised we didn't get to see anything with Negan in this last episode, but he has to play a big role down the line. Even with Alpha using her war weapon on Lydia's rescue group, I'm sure Carol and Daryl will make it out alright. It would absolutely kill the show for me if they didn't.

    It's scary to think that this is the last of The Walking Dead until the next decade. And with it's ups and downs the 2010's has been a good run. I wish I could say the same thing for the one coming but I'm really not sure. It pretty much sounds cheesy as this point but, even if it's not for this franchise, here's to hoping for a better future.

  • These past three years were not good for The Walking Dead.

  • I'm gonna miss the whole "So, comment before, while, or after,"

    for the last time in this decade

    Yeouch, that stung me really hard.

  • Gabriel, you badass

  • I guess Alpha won't have her Negan moment till next year

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