"Can't communicate with Telltale servers"

Sorry if this was brought up before - if so, I must have overlooked it (haven't visited this forum for a long time).

So, since Telltale is back alive I thought now I could finally play the newer games I bought from the Telltale store again. But when I start "The Walking Dead Season 2" I still get the old "can't communicate with Telltale servers" message. Before I try contacting Skybound Support Team I thought I'd ask here if someone knows any other workaround or if there's any hope this problem will be fixed by the new Telltale - or some other useful information?



  • The new iteration of Telltale only owns rights to The Wolf Among Us, Batman, and Puzzle Agent as of this time. They presumably cannot offer technical support for games they do not currently own rights to, so I recommend you contact Skybound Support.

    That said, I’ll leave this thread open in case others think they can help. (Of course, Telltale staff are free to close the thread if they want/need to.)

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