Monkey Islands 30 Years Anniversary

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I wonder by any chance could the TOMI thread could be reopen. I just checked before and you cant make new topics on there or reply.

I fell with it been TSOMI 30th anniversary this year we could all come on and share memorys and things.

There are no other MI forums around like there use to be. But if someone knows were 1 is then send me the link.

Or if not then use this as a place to meet and talk all things Monkey Islands.


  • While I wish that all parts of the forum were open, they, unfortunately, aren't.

    Telltale no longer has the rights to the 'Monkey Islands' IP, and many other IP's. Because of this, Telltale has the forums to certain games shut down unless they get the rights. That's because in the forums for this game, they used it to market the game. They don't have Distribution rights or the IP's to the game, at the time of writing this...

    And, I checked. And there seems to not be any Monkey Island forums that are public. Talking on here is your best bet.

  • They've shut down most of the game-specific forums, but we can chat about previous games the old Telltale released here in the General Chat forum all we like.

    While Monkey Island wasn't LucasArts's first game, it was one of their most popular. Many adventure games from other companies at the time were structured in a way that if you did the wrong thing, you died, and you had to restore from an earlier save game and try again, sometimes having to play a significant part of the game over again. (Sierra was especially bad at this.) LucasArts decided this was stupid and started writing games where if you did the wrong thing, it was possible to recover without having to restore-and-replay. The fact that the "wrong thing" was often hilarious helped, too, meaning you didn't have to worry about choosing the funny option to see what happened.

    So, happy 30th, Monkey Island! Have a rubber chicken with a pulley in the middle on me!

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