The Sam And Max Sanctuary

Let's face it. The Sam and Max threads are closed, and since no one has made such a topic yet, I volunteer!

With Telltale Games rising from the ashes, it's only fitting that one of its flagship franchises rose from the ashes as well. What Sam and Max game would you like to see from this studio? Would you like to see a brand new game? Would you like them to remaster any game currently in existence? Would you like them to remaster the games so that Bill Farmer and Nick Jameson voice the duo once again? Or even better yet, since The Wolf Among Us 2 was saved from the brink of cancellation, why not go one step further and try to give that same treatment to Freelance Police, which was cancelled waaaaaaaay back in 2004? Because I think it's long overdue.

Everyone wishing to talk about the dog-and-rabbit duo, don't be afraid to post here!

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