"Walk With Us" Episode Discussion

Hey, last week's episode was pretty good, and this one is supposed to be too. How exciting. So comment, please! There were so many comments last thread! Before! During! After!


  • Great episode. Been waiting years for that ending.

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    Might be the best episode of the season in my opinion. It took a while but I finally got the ending I've been waiting for!

    Excited to see how they deal with the fallout.

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    Carol is just a fucking mastermind. Planning this from the start, letting Negan out of his cell to go after Alpha while she tries to go after the herd. This is why I love her.

  • Only part of the episode I enjoyed was the ending. Easily the weakest of the second half so far.

  • Out. Leave. Now.

    Only part of the episode I enjoyed was the ending. Easily the weakest of the second half so far.

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    I am now caught up with the show after having finally decided to give up on the Savior/Negan shit. I must say I have been really impressed with the quality of the last two seasons, in particular with how much I'm liking Negan's character - someone I absolutely couldn't stand in the comics and in the TV All Out War arc.

    I'm also liking how they're handling the shortage of Rick, Michonne, Maggie and Carl in this universe by making characters like Rosita, Gabriel and Aaron more fleshed out than their comics counterpart.

    I'm afraid Carol's character has nowhere left to go after this and that she'll be killed off, her decision making has been absolutely unbearable this season but that's what's making her character so compelling right now.

    I'm sad that the Whisperer aunt girl got killed off. I wished they'd have some whisperer other than Lydia integrate into the main group. I also really hope Connie comes back?

    Interested to see where the show goes from here, even though I'm wary they'll feel compelled to kill off another main character in the finale/penultimate (other than Ezekiel who seems to be dying). They have mostly fixed their cast problem, they shouldn't be thinning it out going into the story's endgame.

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    Decent episode. Ending was pretty good. I think Lydia needs more screen time though. Her whereabouts are unknown again unfortunately. I know in the comics focus on many perpesctices of many characters, but I think they should thin the cast up. Yeah, Laura died but it's hard to miss her character since she did close to nothing of importance to the overall story. Coulda taken a swipe at Beta instead of hold him in a position very easily to get out of. Rosita does nothing except forget about the father of her child 2 days after his death. Jerry helped the group in the mine. He has potential. He just needs more chances to prove his worth. In the earlier seasons when the cast was smaller, each character had their time to shine and stand out. With so many characters with not much to do, they just feel gray and empty to the story. Just my opinion

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    I completely disagree with them not killing off anymore characters. They have far too many, and it was actually my main reason for not liking the episode. As they wanted to focus, not on the battle, but instead on the minor characters that have not been developed at all. Despite being in the show for two seasons now.

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