The biggest online adventure games event ever

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On Monday the 29th and Tuesday the 30th of November, the monthly PDF magazine for adventure games The Inventory ( will be holding the biggest online event the adventure games genre has ever seen. More than 20 well-known developers within the adventure community will be attending the forum party that will celebrate 2 years of The Inventory, to discuss with their fans.

Here comes the list of developers that will be attending the party:

- Al Lowe (Developer of legendary titles such as the Leisure Suit Larry series and Freddy Pharkas)
- AGDInteractive (Developers of the Kings Quest and the Quest for Glory remakes)
- Autumn Moon Entertainment (A team of talented developers that used to work in Lucasarts for great titles such as Curse of Monkey Island and The Dig and are now working on the point and click adventure A Vampyre Story, that won our most awaited adventure award)
- DTP (The biggest European publisher of adventure games)
- Frogwares? (Developers of Journey to the Center of the Earth and the two Sherlock Holmes games. Due to the latest events in Ukraine where they are based, their presence is not absolutely certain but they will do their best to attend)
- GMX Media / Artematica (The publishers and developers of the upcoming adventure Martin Mystere which is based on a popular European TV and comic book series)
- Gnosis Games (The developers of the 3D adventure game Broken Saints, based on the award winning online flash comic)
- Himalaya Studios (Developers of the upcoming western adventure Al Emmo)
- House of Tales (Developers of The Moment of Silence and Mystery of the Druids)
- Josh Mandel (Developer of legendary Sierra titles such as Freddy Pharkas and Space Quest 6)
- Ken & Roberta Williams? (The well-known duo that started the legend known as Sierra will be on vaccation during our party, but they said they will try to log in if possible)
- L'Art (Developers of the upcoming comedy adventure Boyz Dont Cry)
- Legacy Interactive (The producers of Law and Order: Justice is Served and Law & Order: Criminal Intent will be there to talk with their fans)
- Microids (The developers of the exciting 3rd person thriller adventure, Still Life)
- Pendulo Studios (Developers of the award winning point and click adventure Runaway, currently working on its sequel, Runaway 2)
- Phoenix Freeware Online (Developers of the unofficial King's Quest IX, the 3D sequel to the popular fantasy series)
- Prograph (Developers of the comedy adventure Tony Tough, currently working on its prequel)
- Razbor Studios (Developers of the sci-fi point and click adventure Legacy)
- Step Creative Group (Developers from Russia working on a first person 3D adventure game with RPG elements called Star Heritage)
- Tale of Tales (Developers of the 3D fantasy adventure 8 that we interviewed in our latest issue)
- TellTale Games (The team that consists of ex-Lucasarts employees who were behind the now cancelled Sam and Max 2 and who are currently working on a new secret title)
- White Birds Productions (Benoit Sokal and his team have worked on the award winning Syberia series and are currently developing the upcoming point and click adventure Lost Paradise)
- Wicked Studios (Developers of the exciting upcoming fantasy adventure Keepsake that we previewed in the 19th issue)

The party will start on Monday at 18:00 GMT and it will take a pause at 24:00 GMT. It will start again at 18:00 GMT on Tuesday and finish at 24:00 GMT on Tuesday. Each developer will have their own section in the forum. All sections will be open for posting from the very beginning of the party on Monday at 18:00 GMT. To avoid confusion and traffic however we have split the party in timeblocks of 2 hours each. Developers will attend the party throughout the timeblock they booked. This does not mean however that they will not be present during the rest of the time, it just means that if someone wants to be certain that a developer would be present he or she would better visit the developer's forum section during the timeblock that this developer have booked. Here comes the schedule:

Monday 29th of November
18:00 - 20:00: Tale of Tales, White Birds Productions, Legacy Interactive
20:00 - 22:00: Josh Mandel, Step Creative Group, Microids
22:00 - 24:00: Autumn Moon Entertainment, Al Lowe, GMX/Artematica

Tuesday 30th of November
18:00 - 20:00: Pendulo Studios, Gnosis Games, Prograph
20:00 - 22:00: Wicked Studios, Razbor Studios, L'art, AGDI/Himalaya
22:00 - 24:00: House of Tales, DTP, Phoenix Freeware, TellTaleGames

*All times are GMT
**Timeblocks might change before the even starts, check our forums for possible changes in the schedule

Ken & Roberta Williams as well as Frogwares could not guarantee a timeblock for reasons mentioned earlier. The Birthday Party forum sections will remain open on Wednesday as well, for those who will not be able to attend the party during Monday or Tuesday (for one reason or another) and if developers have the time they will answer some questions then also. Then on Thursday the forums will be locked.

To be up to date with the latest news on the party, check out our forums at:

Everyone is welcome to our party. Hope to see you all there!


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    what are the european times?
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    what are the european times?

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    im almost their..
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    welcome to tha club
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    im almost their..
    wait...i am their :D

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