"Look at the Flowers" Episode Discussion

Last week's was Michonne's final episode (and had the highest ratings since the premiere). This week we're finally getting back after we saw Negan kill Alpha, which is exciting.

Unfortunately, because of the coronavirus, the season finale has been delayed, so this is kinda second-to-last episode of the season, or at least, the second-to-last for a while. Hope it's good! Comment before, during, and after you watch.


  • Good episode, if a bit on the slower side of things. It's a lot of setup for what will come after this.

    Comic and potentially show spoilers:

    I wonder if Ezekiel will actually live. It seems convinient that he's on the mission to find Stephanie and by extension the Commonwealth, who could have the resources to treat his cancer. Yumiko talking about how "we don't know what the future has in store" plus the brief mention that the last doctor from the communities is missing kinda got me feeling Ezekiel might get through this.

    The Princess looks cool. Carol's journey was interesting. Where the hell is Lydia. Where the hell is Connie. Goodbye Samantha Morton. Unclear at what happened to Negan and wether all the Hilltop people are at Alexandria?

    Beta finding a herd so quickly when early in the season the walkers seemed so scarce the whisperers had to go to huge lenghts to find them and they even talked like every single walker counted really irks me. Beta alone being able to guide a huge ass herd is also quite stupid. I thought it was established they needed quite a few whisperers to move herds. I just don't like it when writers forget their own rules, and basic logic, in order to elevate the antagonist's badassery.

  • sees Princess


  • I liked her little...umm, scenes. Definitely worth a chuckle. Ezekiel though, he kind of seemed mad.

    sees Princess Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck

  • I liked the episode. Negan and Daryl's relationship was interesting to see and seeing Negan being anointed as the new Alpha was pretty funny! Getting a little tired of seeing Carols continued mental breakdown but I think it was a nice send off to Samantha Morton's version of the character. It was also neat to hear her subtly reference a bunch of important characters around Carols character throughout the series (Ed, Sophia, Lizzie, etc).

    As someone who was fine with Princess in the comics, I thought her introduction, while a bit too sudden since she kinda literally just pops up instead of walking onto the scene, was funny.

    Nice to see them reveal Beta's past as a former celebrity, I thought they would have brought it up at the last minute honestly. It'd be neat if they released a mini album to accompany the season with Ryan Hurst performing as his in-universe character.

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