Anyone gonna pick up Nick Bounty?

I'm not familiar with the series prior, but the flavoring really does scream of earlier telltale affairs. I like the voice acting and writing from the little I've seen. Only big detriment is the faces are pretty uncanny plastic doll looking but you take what you can get I guess. I'd like to see Darin's new studio tackle a more serious game after this, but I could use a dumb point and click, especially in times like this. Will update with what I think of it!

Anybody else gonna give it a crack?

store page if you're interested -


  • From the Writer/Designer that brought you Tales of Monkey Island, Puzzle Agent and Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People...

    Award winning voice cast including:
    Jason Ellis - (The original voice of Nick Bounty!)
    Dave Fennoy - (Lee Everett from The Walking Dead game)
    Melissa Hutchison - (Clementine from The Walking Dead game)
    Cissy Jones - (Delilah from Firewatch)
    Adam Harrington - (Bigby Wolf from The Wolf Among Us)
    and many more...

    Well.... you've certainly got my attention.

  • I've been paying pretty good attention of this and I do plan on picking this up as well as Black Sad at some point in the future. Like you said, this reminds me of real early Telltale games.

    I do hope it does well but seeing how small of a team and budget they have it doesnt look like many people even know it exist, which sucks because I bet this is some good fun and worth a play through.

  • Well I played it and its pretty good. Def feels like an older Telltale game. Theres some pretty good jokes in it as well a few jokes that almost feel like cut lines from Tales from the Borderlands, . The writing and dialogue is by far the best part of the game.

    However the overall story isnt really that memorable, and the ending is a bit strange. Obviously the tone of the game is not serious at all but the ending does pull a pretty strange twist followed by a very heavy 4th wall break which in turn makes the ending a bit off-putting.

    Also. I really did not think a game like this would have movement problems but damn. Nick must be dummy thicc cuz his ass cheeks get caught on everything. You cant walk 2 feet without him getting stuck on the environment.

    I'd overall recommended it if you are interested in it. If you like old Telltale and Telltale in general you'll probably have a good nostalgia walk. Dont expect much replay value, it has as much as say Firewatch, meaning almost none. After you play it the first time youve basically seen it all. You can choose between 3 side kicks but surprisingly they arnt in it that long and doesnt really change anything. Its good but its not really that memorable.

    I do hope that it may lead to a sequel with a higher budget if anything as I feel theres a lot of potential here, but it just needs a bigger team.

  • Tempted to buy just to support the developer, but this is just not my kind of game at all, maybe I'll pick it up when it's on sale. I know I'm never going to play it.

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