Creating a Choice-Based Game. JOIN if you are interested.

Hey everyone! I started a project. I plan to make a Point & Click - Choice based game. It will contain 2D graphics, because 3D is too difficult and will require a large professional team. The game will work like DDLC, because it will be made in the same program. It will take heavily inspiration from DBH, TWDG and other Telltale entries. With difficult choices and a "remember choices" system.

Artists, writers and musicians are needed. If you are interested, you can join the discord server:
I just started the project, so I'm currently the only one in the discord server. I would love to get more people on board!

When there are a decent amount of people (atleast 5) in the server, the process can begin. The plan is to brainstorm first what the story will be about. Along the way, we'll create characters, develop plot points and think about themes that'll be included in the game.

Let's get creative ❤️

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