Telltale's Most Popular Character: Stage Two (Voting is Over)

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Hi everyone! Hope you're fine. The second stage of this competition is beginning and before that, I tell you the rules of voting in this stage (please read it):

  1. You can still have multiple choices in a group. And it's more important in this stage, cause in the end, Only 2 of third places that've got most votes among other 3rd places will climb to the next stage. So, if you'd like more than one character in a group, vote for all of them.

  2. You can vote just once. So, choose all of your favorite characters then vote.

  3. In the end of voting, The Top 2 characters of each group will climb to the next stage alongside 2 of third places that've got most votes.

And in the end, I want to thank Telltale Games for creating these 75 memorable characters. Thank you so much!

Update: Since we didn't have many votes yesterday and today, I decided to end voting of this stage after 3 days. Thank you for your voting. Stay safe.

Check this link to see the results:

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