Telltale's Most Popular Character: Top 16 Characters

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"The Walking Dead" Series Characters (In order of Alphabetical):
* Alvin Junior "AJ"
* Carley
* Clementine
* Kenny
* Lee Everett
* Louis
* Omid

"The Wolf Among Us" Characters:
* Bigby Wolf
* Bloody Mary
* Snow White

"Tales from the Borderlands" Characters:
* Fiona
* Handsome Jack
* Loader Bot
* Rhys
* Sasha
* Vaughn

Also the "Round of 16" will begin tomorrow.


  • How do you create Round of 16? Do you do it randomly?

  • No, I've created a bracket and characters will face each other on the basis of the bracket. I will show a picture of the bracket after ending of this competition.

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