New leak might hint at Fionas return in BL3’s June DLC

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Gearbox accidentally released the next DLC’s achievements on Steam. Achievement 68 might be Fiona, seems unlikely but you never know. It’s either her or Salvador from BL2.

EDIT: Achievement Names From SteamDB. “Bounty” might just point to Fiona.
stats/Achievement_61_Stat/displayName: DLC3: West
stats/Achievement_62_Stat/displayName: DLC3: Challenging
stats/Achievement_63_Stat/displayName: DLC3: Hunter
stats/Achievement_64_Stat/displayName: DLC3: Stone
stats/Achievement_65_Stat/displayName: DLC3: Wash
stats/Achievement_66_Stat/displayName: DLC3: Track
stats/Achievement_67_Stat/displayName: DLC3: Ruin
stats/Achievement_68_Stat/displayName: DLC3: Bounty


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    I dont think thats her. I got a feeling its going to be a new character as if you look at the characters shoulders it seems like a really strange re-design. Rhys' design was to make his Hyperion outfit look more like Atlas as thats what he was left off as, Vaughn's design changed to make him more of a bandit. I dont really see why they'd make Fiona an over the top Mad Max cowgirl but then again its not like Gearbox isnt mastering how to disrespect characters they didnt create.

    I hope the reveal of the DLC is somewhat soon.

    (Also thinking about it more, my bet is thats the main bad guy of the DLC and its called "bounty" because we collect it after we kill her. So lets really hope it isnt Fiona lmao)

  • Yeah, that's definitely a woman. I doubt that's Salvador, kek.

    I'm with Poogers that it's probably the main villain of the DLC. But I guess we'll have to wait and see...

  • Hmmmm...

    This is a possibility.

    If this really is Fiona, I know alot of people would be happy.

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