help I can't buy the shadow mode

I bought batman the telltale series awhile back the downloads where straight pc chapters no xbox, ps4, or steam version how do I figure out which version to download from?


  • by this I mean the shadow mode

  • (I'm not Telltale Support, just a know-nothing user.)

    If you're willing to risk $5 for something that might not work, you can try this:
    1. Try to buy from GOG.
    2. GOG might not let you buy this, because the game has to be purchased separately, and they won't have any record of you owning the game. I don't know how hard they enforce this. If they don't let you buy it, then you're not out any money.
    3. See if it will install with your existing TTG Batman installation. If it doesn't, you lost $5.
    4. If it works, you can spend another $5 for The Enemy Within:
    5. Let us know if it works!

  • didn't work it wouldn't let me buy it

  • edited August 2023

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