Telltale's Most Popular Character: The Final Match (Comment Match)

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Alright guys, finally we've reached the last station of this competition. Hope you have enjoyed this competition. Here's the final match:

Clementine vs. Lee Everett

The Rules of the match:

  1. Each user can vote once.

  2. Votes of New users (that have joined Telltale community at most 10 days ago) won't be counted.

  3. Voting will end 48 hours later.

Thank you.


  • Bigby gets eliminated, final match is just Clem Vs Lee again

    Telltale Community:

  • Lee ( upset about bigby though)

  • Clementine

  • Lee,

    He can be good at being diplomatic and diplomacey is very important when it comes to encountering groups and creating a stable lifestyle thorugh recieving help from others. He is also good at helping people who are on edge keep a cool head even with cases like Kenny who can be hard to calm down. Clem can do this too, mostly shows this towards AJ, but when it comes to people her own age or higher it can be hard for her to assert that same sort of energy to her peers. Affective communication is where they can be seen differently, since both of them are badass survivors and creative thinkers.

  • Clementine

  • Sigh

    Lee the legend again,but we all know Clem's winning.

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