Telltale's Most Popular Character: The Final Match Results

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Clementine (55.48%) - 167 correct votes (165 votes by Reddit users, 2 votes by Telltale community users), became Telltale's Most Popular Character

Lee (44.52%) - 134 correct votes (130 votes by Reddit users, 4 votes by Telltale community users)

Thank you so much for voting. Hope you enjoy every moment of your life <3


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    As was (and will be) said, that was quite a predictable outcome. Clem had the edge of having more screentime and character development than any other Telltale character. Appearing in the game series with the biggest fanbase certainly didn't hurt either.

    Still, for a character who was only playable in a single season, Lee got a decent amount of votes.
    He would most likely win as it stands now, but I'd be interested in seeing him up against Bigby once TWAU 2 is out.

  • Well, at least he ended up 3rd. That's not bad, given the odds against him.

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  • Let's see what happens when the second season of twau comes out: bigby will become the most popular character and meanwhile that bloody clementine is resting in peace!!

  • Can't see Bigby taking position even then. Bigby's scared by most in his world already. Clem is just a women having to fight walkers and people whilst looking after a kid.

    People love a underdog.

  • It is what it is

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