The "Most Popular Character" competition - Season Two

Hi, hope you're fine. Guys, do you want to have another competition between Telltale characters? This time, it will be a bit different and will only include the supporting characters and maybe it will include characters from more Telltale games including Batman, Minecraft, TWD: Michonne, GoT, etc. (If you want). You can vote about holding this competition by checking this link:

And if your vote is "Yes", please put your comment here and tell me which game(s) do you want to be included in this competition. Also if you have any suggestions about this poll, please tell me. I want to include 4 or 5 Telltale games in this competition and three of them are "The Walking Dead" Series, "The Wolf Among Us" and "Tales from the Borderlands". So, what do you think?


  • controversial opinion alert: mcsm characters

  • Apart from TWD, this time Bigby will definitely win. No need for another competition!! :D

  • I'd say MCSM and GOT. Maybe add Batman as a 6th to please people, we can forget Michonne and GOTG.

    TWD,TWAU,TFTB,GOT, and MCSM were the original 5 after all.

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