Investment and Conveying Characterization

Following up on a old auggestion by @Flog61, I'm opening this topic of mine for general Telltale talk:

Throughout the existence of the Walking Dead, it's not hard to notice that sometimes different characters have different ideas of morality and pragmatism that they operate by. And by extension, that extends to we, the viewers, as we love or hate characters based on our personal preferences. So, in order to exchange insight into our respective set of standards, I will bestow this thread to allowing each of us to express ourselves in however manner we see fit.

First off, what kinds of qualities you like/dislike about certain characters and maybe even suggest how your preferences can be used to create interesting characters in the future.

Here are a few examples of concepts that can be used to express said preferences: Morality, Power, Sympathy, Intelligence, Likability, Passion, Interdependence, Consistency, Complexity, etc.

Feel free to post suggestions of things that can be talked about, ask questions relating to what other people think, or even write minor critiques for discussion of your own!

It can honestly be whatever else you it to as well.

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