What is your favourite difficult game?

A game you felt was very hard but you loved playing it

2 you like and dislike for difficulty

For me

Cuphead each boss took me ages, but it was so much fun defeating each titan getting slightly better each time.

Celeste every strawberry demanded perfection and lightning quick reactions plus some brains to solve the puzzle.

The quick load times on both also is crucial for these type of games I really liked that.

There is also bad difficulty which makes the enermies bullet sponges and have more health like rage 2 disliked lazy.

Pro Evolution soccer the highest difficulty made passing and shooting impossible. With fifa opponent gets better so love it. But pro decides to make the controls impossible.


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    My favorite difficult game is easily Bloodborne. It's my very first experience with a game that does NOT hold my hand. The combat is satisfying, the bosses are perfectly balanced and the enemy variety is just creative.

    My second is Dark Souls 1. This one was easy for me to memorize each of its mechanics but the best part for me is the level design. I think I enjoyed navigating through levels like Anor Lando more than actually fighting bosses.

    I could just include the whole Soulsbourne franchise and Sekiro Shadows Die Twice because I am a FromSoftware fanboy. Don't even dare doubt that Demon's Souls remake is my most anticipated game for PS5 launch. But Bloodborne and Dark Souls 1 are the ones that win my whole heart. I cannot actually recall any other difficult games that I am familiar with.

  • Rust, I believe it is one of the best survival games and has been for years. It’s difficult for most. It is risk and reward factor that makes this game unlike anything in its field.

    I’ve also seen Bloodborn I’m planing on playing it soon.

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    My favorite difficult game is ARK : Survial Evolved depending on what part of the island6 you spawn on some areas are more difficult then others.
    For example : Swamp the Red Wood Forst and the snow region in the map are the hardest not just the dangerous predators but the Clement itself.

    The Swamp is extremely humid so you need a lot of water top cool down as for the Red woods it gets cold in some areas in the forest.

    And I shouldn't explain the northern part of the map.

    Considering g it's the artic region the only good you can get in that area is the oil.

    But I almost forgot 2 ofthe most dangrous ares is the ocean it's completely unpredictable with sharks and jellyfish that'll parolize6 you once stung.

    And the only in afraid the most is the cave crawling with scorpions , snakes and bats but managed killing woth a crossbow how ever easy too get lost. I finally have 8 raptors too defend myself along with Spinosauras b carnos b Marcos you name it.

    Right now I'm planning on making a major base in the swamp region so I can get better accuse too food and the Red woods. The only creatures I haven't come across yet are dragons so I'm keeping it tight.

    At the moment.

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