Create your character for Walking dead: Video game

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How you do this is: Put their name,age,Backstory,what season and episode will they be introduced in and how they meet the group. and also includes somes facts about them


  • Name: Lonnie Becking
    Gender: Male
    Hair: Light-brown
    age: 14
    Race: African-American
    Appearance: Short afro similar like AJ's , A light mustache , Hazel eyes, and a bandaid on his cheek, height 5'0
    Weapons: Metal Bat and pocket Knife (He is mostly familiar with melee weapons)
    Clothes: Red tank-top, Black ripped jeans,Hoodie tied around waist, and Dirty grey high tops
    skills: can turn anything into a weapon, fast learner, Good accuracy, intelligent, and a amazing climber
    Personality traits: Very loyal and trusting,Protects weaker survivors, can make tough decisions, can see through people, cracks jokes but knows when to be serious, sometimes people take advantage of his trusting nature, he is good friends with the cabin group and with Kenny.
    Backstory: He was a baseball player along with his brother,Leon( who is physically strong and loves swinging bats). Their Dad died of heart disease and their Mother had a addiction after he died so she had to go to rehab when Lonnie was 6 and Leon was 10. So, their aunt and uncle had to take care of them. Lonnie can makes lots of friends out from baseball , but prefers to have a small friend circle. But,He has a great bond with his friend Calvin. His uncle had lost his job so Leon had to get a job to put food on the table and Lonnie had to start doing jobs for neighbors to get money as well. When the apocalypse occured Lonnie was cutting grass for his neighbor. The noise attracted walkers and the neighbor left Lonnie outside so Lonnie had to run back to his home. When he made it there he saw his aunt being eaten by walkers and his uncle trying to fight them off with a wooden bat. He wanted to help, but the walkers already got to his uncle. He had to run and find his older brother. He found him in his aunt's car hiding. He got in and asked whats going on. Leon told his brother what happened and Lonnie began to cry. Leon comforted him ,but the noise attracted walkers to the car. Leon remembered he grabbed the keys so he starts the car and tells lonnie to buckle up. He drives off and hits one walker while doing so. 6 months later, Lonnie is by himself in the car. Leon got bit on his arm trying to save Lonnie from getting hurt. and Leon didn't want to turn. But, Lonnie tried to convinced Leon that he could be nursed back to health if he got the supplies. But, Leon teared up and told Lonnie it was time for him to go. Leon slowly gives Lonnie the pocket knife and tells Lonnie he grown up and matured. He starts telling Lonnie a funny moment between them. They both started laughing and crying. Leon tells Lonnie he will be in a better place. Lonnie starts crying more. Leon closes his eyes as he becomes unconscious. Lonnie closes his eyes and strikes Leon in his head killing him. Lonnie breakdowns and sobs as he holds his brother's hand.

    Bio: After the death of his brother,Lonnie vows to never give up which is what his brother would've wanted. He comes across the cabin group as he is looking for food and shelter. They let him in and feed him. He becomes good friends with the group and stays with them. He becomes a brother figure to Sarah which helps his mindset. He helps Alvin with Rebecca as well.

  • Iirc, I created a Character that was basically a inverted Clementine in appearance and gender as an antagonist. That stuff can probably found if it's looked for.

    I was also more or less creating a few characters to play minor/supporting roles for my TFS and AND rewrites.

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