Episode 2: Starved for help Did you try to save Larry or killed him with kenny?

We all had to make the tough decision to side with kenny or side with lilly. Tell me what you chose and why.


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    I chose to save him. Even though he was a pain, i thought about if it was me or if that was my father i would want to at least try to save him or be attempted to be saved. Kenny had some points about if he reanimated it would be the death of us all because of his massive size and strength. But, you have to think about if you were in Larry's shoes or Lilly's shoes

  • The first time, I went with Kenny. Better safe than sorry. And I didn't like Lilly much.

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    Killed Larry. Had nothing to do with him being an asshole (even though he was) or because I preferred Kenny over Lily (even though I did), I just didn't think it was a smart decision to risk it. Call me a monster or a murderer, but with this, I wouldn't risk mine or someone else's life in the hopes that he could be saved after a possible heart attack.

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    letting the timer run out and get everyone mad at you at the same time > > > >

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