"The Deepest Cut" and "In This Life" Episode Discussion (Anyone care about World Beyond?)

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Not me. This show is not working for me. Only reason I'm still watching it because I'm a bit of a zombie. Good news - after this episode(s; it's a pair), there's only ten episodes left! Comment, if you like. I don't blame you if you don't though.


  • These last four World Beyond episodes have been decent, although that's compared to have bad the first few episodes were. I am very disappointed that there was no real tease beyond people in the fog - I wanted some images of CRM. Oh well. One thing these last few episodes did was improve my perception of Elton and Silas. I actually kind of like them. Huck is the show's best character, Hope the second. I want more of Lt. Colonel Elizabeth though. Still, this show can be a bit of a pain.

    Only 10 episodes left in this show. I've watched this long...might as well continue until it's done.

  • I enjoyed this Season, it was a slow character driven start which I was all for, seeing the backstory for these characters was nice, Silas' backstory was a tough one to watch, and Felix's was heartbreaking. Huck is a tough one when looking at her beliefs she established down the line, but 10 years is sufficient for a change in personality. Elton's story was tragic based on what happened to his dad, that was just brutal.

    Last 4 Episodes have been pretty entertaining with Episode 7 onwards feeling like a horror.

    As I said I enjoyed this Season, the show has a mixed reputation but I feel that's more down to the group we focus on, being teenagers doing teenage stuff, we know how the Forums are towards teen characters, or the wider internet, wouldn't necessarily blame that on the show or its cast.

    Season Two looks to be more eventful in terms of seeing what the CRM is all about, they'll not be giving a full blown picture as I'd say they'll save that for the films, World Beyond is just a direct run-in.

    But yeah, it was fun, eventful, emotional, looking forward to seeing what's on the cards for Season Two

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