Who wants free keys to games on Steam? Holidays 2020 Edition (18/34 keys available)

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It's that time of the year again where I give away a bunch of Steam keys I got from this years Yogscast Jingle Jam! It's usually on Humble Bundle but this year it's on Tiltify. If you're interested in getting the whole lot, the bundle costs 25 English Pounds (about USD 33/AUD 45) and you can decide from a whole list of charities that you'd like to support. This year I donated to ILGA World, an organisation dedicated to campaigning for the rights of intersex, lesbian, gay and trans people around the world.

Anyway enough about the gift of giving, here's this years list of games that are up for grabs.

Note that keys will be given away on a first come first serve basis. You can pick more than one game but don't be greedy about it. If more than one person asks for the same third game I'll put the names in an RNG thing. Accounts made just to get a key will not be given one. Established members of the community only. If you don't know what some of these games are, all the titles include links to their Steam pages. So just sift through them and see if you can find something you like! Games that have been taken will be crossed out on the list like this.

The games are:
* AWAY: Journey to the Unexpected
* Brunch Club
* Car Mechanic 2015
* Cheap Golf
* Colony Survival
* Darksburg
* Dead in Bermuda
* Dicey Dungeons
* Don’t Starve (Reign of Giants DLC included)
* Drawful 2
* Dream Daddy
* Element TD 2
* Faeria
* Farming Simulator 2017
* Fishing Adventure
* For the King
* Orcs Must Die 2
* Purrfect Date (OST included)
* Pixel Galaxy
* Prison Architect
* Protectorate Starter Bundle (does not include base game which is free)
* Rise of Industry
* Safety First
* Shoppe Keep
* Sokpop Season 6
* Starbound
* Sunless Sea
* The Battle of Polytopia
* This War of Mine
* Tooth and Tail
* Transistor
* Waking
* War of the Overworld
* Windscape


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