"Find Me" Episode Discussion

I know probably won't comment, but if I don't do these Walking Dead episode threads, then CHAOS WILL REIGN ACROSS THE FORUMS.

...okay, maybe not. But still, comment before, while, and after you watch, pretty please?


  • This episode went to unexpected places. Very interesting. Nice Dog action though.

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    I liked it! It was a really interesting 'bottle" episode. I wonder if Leah will make an appearance somewhere down the line or if her fate will be left as a mystery.

  • It's good to explore Daryl's other experiences and emotions, but aside from showing some downs in his relationship with Carol, it will be a totally useless episode if Leah doesn't reappear somewhere in the story.

  • I really liked the last few moments. I had felt they kinda brushed off how bad Carol fucked up her relationships in S10, so it's good to see that those wounds are still there, though it is kinda weird because I know that eventually these two will hit it off and go on to lead a completely different show of their own...

    On last week's episode, well, it was alright. I wish I could say I was interested in the whole Reaper thing but it feels to me like it's the Whisperers 2.0 or even the Wolves 2.0, and while they might get interesting I really wished they focused more on starting to propel the characters onto their final arcs and building up their endings and climaxes that are to come in S10, rather than introducing yet another child murdering group... except this time it's a cult?

    Maggie is great, I'm so glad she's back.

  • You guys actually responded!

    It was interesting for sure. I kind of liked the flashbacks, although Daryl much less gruff in this episode than I normally think he is. How peculiar.

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