"One More" Episode Discussion

More Walking Dead!

Don't think it's going to be a flashback episode like last week's but pretty sure Robert Patrick's character is going to be in it. These episodes have been decent, hope it keeps up.

Comment after, while, or gasp before you watch!


  • Commenting before I watch.

  • Damn, that was kind of dark. I don't expect a lot of these bonus episodes, but I liked this one. It's pretty clear that we won't see much development in the story, so I'm totally okay with these particular adventures if they do it like this.

  • wait for one more

  • I thought that was a great episode. Acting was superb. I knew Robert Patrick wouldn't last, but man did they really not waste him.

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    Probably my favourite episode of the batch so far and definitely up there in terms of best of the season. I haven't felt this tense in a Walking Dead episode since the season 7 premiere. Legitimately fantastic acting by all three actors, it was beautifully shot and incredibly dark. Really liked the one shot monologue by Gabriel. Makes me wonder how many takes it took to nail it. Everything with Gabriel at the end kind of felt similar to what Rick did to the Saviors that surrendered to him in season 7/8 but done so much better. While it doesn't detract the episode to me in a big way, I am a little conflicted with whether or not they should have shown the dudes brother still being alive, it pretty much confirms that Gabriel made the right move rather than keeping things up in the air.

    The fact that the episode focused on Gabriel and Aaron, two of the more "disposable" characters made me absolutely terrified for their fate. I legitimately thought we were about to lose one of them. It's fuckin' wild seeing Gabriel, who at his introduction was a foil to the main characters, turn into a kind of psychopath. Character development ya'll.

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