"The Door" Episode Discussion

Lol I don't think anyone watches Fear but I've been doing this for so long I can't stop now. At least the main Walking Dead series is good again.

Hope Season 6 continues to be decent. It has already been much better than Season 5. So comment after, during, or even before you watch,


  • ...no.

  • Just...why kill him

  • Loved it. Most shocked Ive been with walking dead in a long while. And then they go ahead and play it dirty making it seem like he could live just to give the fans some hope, only to take that away immediately 😔. Season 6 for me is just such a massive step up from season 5, really enjoying this so far. Also liked the symbolism with the cabin where June and John had both their first and last meeting. June was saved by John, John was put down by June.

    Also particularly enjoyed Morgan's and John's dialogue when John was getting a door. Was really engaged with that.

    The negative that can come from this episode is them trying to redeem dakota. They've already done that with Charlie and the difference between them is that Charlie is not a psychopath, whereas Dakota clearly is. So Dakota gotta go, preferably painfully. I read a theory about how Dakota killed her parents, and that's why Ginny is keeping her on a tight lease. That would be a good explanation I'd say.

    But yeah I really like this show again. It's no FTWD S3 and Im not sure they can beat that, but this is really good.

  • Hold the door... hold the door... hold the- wait, wrong show.

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