Console MCSM S1 AND S2 bug discussion

Ok so before you comment i tell you only videos prove how to fix and showing bugs you can use video to prove the bug


  • day 1 console

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  • I've encountered a lot of bugs over my many playthroughs, so I'm not going to list them all, but I do just want to put it out there that using the Spanish dub and captions has made some scenes mess up like crazy.

    (Spoiler Warning for Season 2)

    For one, even when I switch back to English captions, the scene where Romeo (as the snow golem) will reply to Petra's "Well that sounds needlessly dangerous." with "Oh, lo es." (which does of course directly translate, and it is really small, but still.)

    The voice for snow golem Romeo and "Vos" sometimes swap when the snow golem speaks, kinda defeating the purpose of the plot twist.

    Speaking of voices, oh my GOD the pauses and talking-over are just. So weird. Like, people constantly talk over each other (as well as say things that are not in the captions), which makes me frustrated because it forces the captions to speed through and makes me unable to read them (and half the time I can, they're wrong! the point of captions is to directly state what people are saying so that hard of hearing/deaf people can enjoy stuff too.) Not only that, but there are some pauses that just make things so awkward? Like, there's straight-up like a 10 second pause in the Sea Temple that makes the camera clip through Nurm's head and it's similar to how the camera resets during Radar's spiel about the list of stuff going on in Beacontown when Jesse goes to the Order Hall to prepare for the Sea temple.

    Plus, people keep teleporting??? Like crazy?? More so than in the English version? I don't understand that logic, but it's there!

    And to finish this whole thing up, the scene in the icy palace of doom where "Vos" and Stella are shown to be in the canals is literal nightmare fuel. It's like, super slowed down and the first time I saw it I was freaked out because it unironically looks like something someone would put in a creepypasta in the early 2010s.

    Anyway, those are just a few of the Spanish (I can't speak for other languages) audio and captions bugs I've noticed. If I catch anything interesting I'll be sure to update!

  • try restarting or rewinding or try playing repeat

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