"Things Left to Do" Episode Discussion

Last week of Fear was...oof. Good episode though, hopefully tonight is too.

Comment if you want y'all.


  • I liked that episode. Some interesting twists, and honestly I liked the way the shootout towards the beginning went. There was some headscratchers but good acting.

    I would have liked it more if some idiot didn't see the opening words of an article about the final minutes of the episode 7 hours before it aired that I encountered by accident while confirming the episode title. Seriously, come on.

  • Another good episode. I was more or less completely sold on it until Morgan put his axe down instead of beheading Virgina. I felt the "uuugh are we going back to s5 mentality", but then June pops out at the end to tell me that nuh uh, ain't happening.

    My fear (badum tss) is still that they try to redeem Dakota. But fact of the matter is that she's psychotic and needs to die.

    Definitely not better than last week or some of the episodes of the first half, but for sure still up there. Now they just have to bring Madison back in her S3 self, and we're golden 😁

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