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    What If...Telltale House M.D.

    The Main Playable Character would obviously be Dr. Gregory House whose dialogue options would be based off key aspects of his personality: Cold, Goofy, Logical, and Emotional.

    It would be Limited Open World on the Unreal Engine, allowing seamless exploration of Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital as well as House's Apartment, etc. Exploration would mainly be done in Third Person.

    As per gameplay...alot of the main stuff would consist of QTEs during Procedures, etc. Some might even be timed and or done in First Person, particularly when an unexpected patient emergency takes place (Example: Having to Intubate, Resuscitate, etc). In addition there might be situations in which Greg would need to find out if a Patient is lying about something (Kinda like how Bigby in The Wolf Among Us did with Mr. Toad). There would also be Side Stuff to do in a Lounge like Darts and What Have You.

    I would have it Take Place Between Seasons 1 and 2 bc A.) It's at a point in which the OG Team is Together, and B.) It's during a time in which Medicine wasn't as advanced as it is now so patients would be more likely to die. Of course the Main Cast couldn't die bc their arcs are already established by the TV Series itself.

    I also would have it be 5 Episodes with One Medical case per Episode just like with the TV Show. As far as the Medical Cases themselves, pretty much anything that could feasibly happen IRL could be included. Rare Cases Preferable (But you already knew that XD). Of course each episode would also have House do Clinic duty at least once per. Each Episode would also need to be fairly long.

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    There were so many better marvel series to make a telltale game out of than gotg. Not that it was a terrible idea on its own, but tftb already used many of the same elements that made gotg so well loved and did them better than the game. Also the choices gameplay would fit so well with the multiverse arc if they chose to do an avengers game

    Personally I would’ve loved an xmen telltale series.

  • AMONG US: The TELLTALE series.
    You are Green a not-so-bright crewmate that gets caught up in the center of a murder. you must solve the death of purple, or will you be the one to get ejected off the ship?

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