"The Holding" Episode Discussion

Yep, more Fear. Last episode was decent, and this episode we have a new group. I hope these villains are better than some of the show's previous ones.

So maybe watch and comment, or maybe not. It is no big deal.


  • Ugh I just got an emergency broadcast in the middle of my show. It isn't for severe weather or anything that actually puts me in danger (it's about something that's taking place on the other side of the state) so I'm annoyed.

  • Episode lost me a bit in the middle with Wes brother storyline. Felt like a waste of time since they killed him.

    But the first 15 mins or so I thought was great, and after Alicia burnt Mount Weather down it got good as well. John Glover is amazing.

    Really hope they don't pull a Morales and kill him 5 mins into the next episode. Would be a huge waste. Definitely weakest episode this half for me though. Still better than more or less anything after Nicks death in s4 and all of s5.

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