"J.D." Episode Discussion

After last week's heartbreaker, we got a new episode this week. Looks June-centric.

Hopefully it isn't as depressing as the last one was...maybe comment about it?


  • I was a fan of this episode. Keith Carradine gave a heck of a performance, and while the storyline fell together a little neatly (what a small world), it was well done.

  • I loved this episode. Might be my favourite this season. While I agree it would seem mighty unlikely that Senior would be found so shortly after Juniors death, I still feel it made sense considering the reasons he is in the area.

    Was afraid they'd kill him off at the end of the episode, which wouldve been a massive disappointment so Im glad they didnt. He could probably still die at the end of the season during some showdown with Teddy, which would make me sad but would also make sense.

    The posthumous eulogy from the corpse himself genuinely moved me. If someone had said after S5 that I would almost cry while watching S6 of Fear, I would've laughed in their face but lo and behold, it happened.

    This is shaping up to be a very exciting last couple of episodes.

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