"The Beginning" Episode Discussion

Last week we all lived on a yellow black submarine. And then Strand and Morgan were mates for a bit, and then Strand stranded Morgan, which Morgan somehow survived. Oh, and Teddy and John Connor launched a nuclear-armed missile too.

This week, barring an absolutely anticlimactic twist, there's going to be some nuclear explosions for our season 6 finale of Fear. This season has been better than 5, but really inconsistent. Maybe the finale will make up for it. Maybe not. Share your thoughts before, while, or after you watch.


  • I think I enjoyed this episode. There were great moments (the cold open, the awesomely ominous opening credits, Dakota's death, and an awesome Strand speech), some weaker moments (come on, surely a few more people could have died from the nukes), and some dumb moments (bruh if you look at a nuclear blast your eyes are SCREWED and like ironically the submarine was one of the safer places). I hope the next season shows us some of the nuclear carnage.

  • I liked the episode overall. My only gripe with it would John Sr. and June being all "I forgive you Dakota"... It was cringy. I didn't need them to want to kill her or whatever but outright forgiveness and putting their own lives at risk to save her was too much, too soon. Wes taking his time to do a little spray paint when a nuke was about to hit was also very questionable...

    A lot of them should be dead, but I honestly do not care. It is a show about zombies so I can suspend some disbelief. I have a feeling that storm shelter won't be enough, especially without a proper hatch closing them in, so I predict either Sherry or Dwight (probably Sherry) dying from radiation poisoning next season.

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