The Wolf Among Us Deluxe Edition (RUMOR)

“ In celebration of the future continuation of the Fables comic book TTG and Adhoc are making a deluxe edition of TWAU.

It wont have anything major in it but there are a few things added.....

A digital copy of the TWAU soundtrack will be included.
The entire season will be included.
People who own the standard edition of TWAU will be offered a discount.
It will also include a digital code for the first volume of the comic version of TWAU
Expect for this to be announced in the next month or so.”

My opinions about this leak is that it could possibly be real, I do understand there has been major fake leaks revolving around Wolf Among 2 but the way I see it, this isn’t anything major. This is in a way pretty low expectations, what I mean is if someone really wanted to make major fake leaks they would talk about REMAKE of Season 1 or THE WOLF AMONG 2 LEAKED RELEASE DATE, that kind of stuff. Either way I wanna know all of your opinions considering I haven’t seen a single person talk about this.


  • Considering it's fairly small to be a leak, I'd be willing to believe it.

    But I'd also be willing to believe it if it weren't coming from the GamingLeaksAndRumors subreddit, who for some reason has an obsession in cranking out completely false, wish-fulfillment, karma-farming Telltale Games posts that never come true (except for that one time when everyone was already expecting it), for the past over-a-year.

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    Edit Since I got more to Say: "I could definitely see the potentiality of them doing this...They already did Shadows Edition for Batman, so why not...TWAU as well you know?"

  • I saw this on reddit a little while ago. I think there's a possibility that it's real, and it's definitely alot more believable than previous links considering that it isn't much, but I don't see a reason for Telltale not to do this, especially when they did Batman Shadows Edition and it doesn't take much work, they just add stuff to the menu of Wolf 1. But, the thing is, the last couple Wolf Among Us leaks have been fake, and they've all come from that subreddit to the point where I don't really trust anything from that subreddit anymore, especially if it's Wolf related. So, I don't really know.

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