Are you kidding me they don’t even ask if your sure you want your name to be what it is what if you make a typo look at my name!!!


  • It was a joke by the way don’t ban me from posting the name screw up wasn’t though.

  • You are doomed to live with your mistakes forever. You shall forever bear the shame of IvanIsGrear! Muhahaha!

    (Jokes aside, if you wanna create another account with the correct name and have us delete this account, we'd be okay with giving you a mulligan since this is a new account...)

  • It is! But, deletion is irreversible so I'd suggest being truly certain it's what you want.
    You have the option of mods banning you and deleting your forum activity, or I believe you should be able to contact Support as another option.

  • Not that I know of; if you want your account, like, totally nuked - contact Support.
    If you just want a normal forum ban (with your posts deleted), send me a PM and I'll take care of it.

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