Begging For Minecraft Story Mode to come BACK!

Hey telltale you can get it back or you can ask it back as i said i will stay begging until we get it back you better show microsoft this comment. ****_Begging For Minecraft Story Mode to come BACK!****_


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    "nothing build can last forever but when a story ends another one begins" this is message to telltale games! *hi my dear telltale games i know what your going to say but i think this is the last active minecraft story mode discussion i heard the sad news that telltale gone bankrupt then got fixed again but not fully because there still looking for there original devs or new ones but lets get to the point. many of your games where amazing really like the walking dead and they more sales but when it comes to popularity minecraft story mode spreads fast specially on youtube you see videos more i know that "microsoft" bought the license but why would they there aren't idiots to buy it for nothing just taking it out of the store i think microsoft bought it so no company can like to make you catch up so no company ruins your plans you can talk to them offer them exclusive deals give them attention and you still have license to mcsm music witch is too amazing needless to say people actually love your games so much like when you released mcsm s2 youtube was full of it i even was looking for every single video what will happen in the next episodes it was a amazing time with best musics sounds gameplay story and MUCH MORE!. i am sorry for your team and your amazing company for losing so many things i hope your company come back like the old good days so please try focusing trying to get mcsm in any way talk to them am sure they will appreciate that and am sure because who doesn't his game to become more popular in a game that is bit of based on it. Regards osamakareem from iraq

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    i mean too even look at your games graphics compare to mcsm you will see huge difference mcsm has perfect hd make it look like new gen games rather than other games

  • well I know what you will say microsoft bought the license of the game and everything except music but think about it why would microsoft buy it think smartly microsoft or mojang isn't aren't idiots to buy it and close it and never make anything about it there must be a reason I think there's a reason like I think they bought it to like make telltale catch up or not letting other companies to buy it. I think that you can work at it make a new season for minecraft story mode because seriously who don't want an more popular game to show them there game but in a different way and giving them more players customers fans and much more. i think you can do it telltale games ask if not possible we have hope on you so many people are counting on you and will help you anytime needed go on.
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    It's the time to give up for our best beloved games walking dead minecraft story mode and others D: I know right its too sad especially when it comes to minecraft story mode no way worked time to give up am sorry I know that I am too amazed in saddest way but it's true Time to give up I will stay until 2022 or 2023 then if nothing happens I will leave am sorry bye for now I am awaiting the next news I will give up just for now but you never give up always have hope always have the feel you can do it but don't care for me I will be awaiting for a next minecraft story mode for two or three years it nothing happens it means I gave up.

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