Minecraft Story Mode Mobile Episode Transfer?

I have absolutely no idea if anyone has tried this but I thought it'd be worth asking.

So to give some backdrop, I have had MCSM purchased and all episodes downloaded onto my phone before the shutdown. I recently got a new tablet and downloaded MCSM onto there, with all the episodes purchased, but of course, I couldn't download them. Because both games are mobile versions, I wondered if there was any way to transfer the episodes downloaded on my phone onto my tablet. I attempted to connect my phone files to my tablet files and transfer the entire Telltale file to my tablet, but all that did was change my tablet save files to look like it does on my phone.

I have no real idea how any of this works tbh. Any suggestions or is this just straight up a lost cause?


  • So update/question, if I were to get an SD card and move the entire app from my phone to my tablet, would that make any difference?

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