Batman posible story for Season 3??

I'm going to write my story thinking about the decisions I made in season 2

Alfred: I tried to be as nice as possible to him but in the end I preferred to be Batman

Selina Kyle / Catwoman: I was good to Selina and made good decisions and she fell in love with Bruce, also how she chose the ending of Joker Villain I released her from Waller

Gordon: in summary I was good with Gordon except that in episode 3 I warned Selina but otherwise I reinstated him as commissioner and I never got mad at him for selling me to the Joker

avesta: in episode 1 the riddle killed blake and therefore has no deafness problems and also left her at wayne companies

John: I chose the ending of the villainous joker

waller: as elgi the end of the bad joker, we are on good terms

tiffany: I did not give tiffany to the police and chose the option to train her

season 3 story

It will probably have been 1 year or 2 years after we faced the joker and since Alfred is no longer bruce is having to face problems with his double identity, selina and he would continue their love relationship and think about marriage, Tifanny would replace Lucius as technology designer at Wayne companies and therefore would make bruce new technology, avesta would be the new president of the Wayne companies board since regina died in the joker's attack on the tower 1 year ago and everything would go more or less well , Gordon would return to the police as a commissioner and Alfred would return but until the middle of the season, the villains would be, the scarecrow, poison ivy and man bat, Selina would also be Bruce's partner as Batman and would help fight crime.


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    You put a very interesting and connective read, and not to mention the unmentioned villains like Poison Ivy, Scarecrow, and Man Bat. Moreover, as much as I like your version of the story, I would like to show you my version of Batman Telltale Season 3 as well:

    Season 3 Name: Into the Realm of Darkness

    Synopsis: It's been a year since the Joker either threatened Amanda Waller or the Evil Dinner Party, and Bruce is still rebuilding Gotham's fractured infrastructure even without Alfred. Tiffany is head of Wayne Technologies, and Bruce's relationship with Catwoman is going through some complicated phases, regardless of betraying her or not. But then suddenly, Bruce found a street orphan who is always constantly getting into trouble, and decided to take him under his wing as his sidekick Robin. Together as the dynamic duo, the caped crusaders must face their greatest challenge yet, The League of Assassins.

    My Versions of the Episodes:

    Episode 1, Codename Deathstroke:
    - After just reconstructing Gotham for over a year, Batman is suddenly being hunted down by a mercenary name Deathstroke, who is secretly a gun for hire for the League of Assassins. Meanwhile, Bruce also stumbles across a young orphan boy named Dick Grayson who gets into a lot of trouble for shoplifting and vandalism. Instead of arresting Dick, Batman decides to help recruit Dick after saving Batman's life from falling into the fire after a fight with Deathstroke. Now as Robin, the now dynamic duo go after Deathstroke to learn more about his true motives in Gotham.

    Episode 2, The Dynamic Duo:
    - After Deathstroke escaping his defeat, Batman and Robin now go after two new criminals, Scarecrow and Poison Ivy, who are working together on a secret chemical substance that can induce fear into Gotham. Along the way, they have Tiffany's help with all new gadgets, (assisted with the Commissioner's daughter Barbara Gordon) and Gordon's help to help track down leads. The two heroes also stumble across old villains Batman encountered before: Joker and Harley, Bane, Two Face, and Penguin who are guarding Ivy and her plants that will kill everyone in Gotham. The episode ends when Joker painfully scars Robin, and Batman fought Joker until the Joker disappeared falling down a waterfall. Batman went to the Batcave with a new ally Mr. Freeze to heal the broken and injured Robin.

    Episode 3, Vengeance:
    - After defeating most of Gotham's villains, and now with a new ally, Mr. Freeze whom helped cure Robin, Batman and Robin still go after Poison Ivy and Scarecrow. After defeating Ivy, Robin is accidentally exposed to the fear toxin via breathing, and starts to experience abnormal behavior like conflicting attitudes towards Batman, and almost killing Ivy's assistant Zsasz. Even after Ivy, the heroes still need to track down Scarecrow, who is going to use the fear toxin to make Gotham into a city of fear with unknown associates. To escape capture, Scarecrow uses one of his concoctions on an unfortunate scientist hostage, Kirk Langstrom, and turned him into Man Bat, the final battle of the episode, as Batman and Robin continue to track down Scarecrow, while also having hero relationship issues.

    Episode 4, A Dark Night:
    - After acquiring a sample from Man Bat, Mr. Freeze and Batman have created a possible coolant substance to act as a counter-virus towards the fear serum, yet Robin continues to refuse to take any. As the trail is close to capture Scarecrow, the heroes have a new member on the team, Batgirl, to help further with technology and preparations to defeat Scarecrow. Along the way, the team are visited again by Deathstroke, who would stop at nothing for the head of the Dark Knight, yet Mr. Freeze buts in to stall Deathstroke, so that the heroes could move forward. As they finally reached Scarecrow, Scarecrow shows off his secret associate, Ra's Al Ghul, Batman's former instructor and master of the League of Assassins, showing his true motives that Scarecrow and Ra's formed a secret plot to turn Gotham into a hellish realm under Ra's' eternal rule. When Batman tries to stop them, Deathstroke storms in, and takes Robin hostage. This particular episode has three ways to go to determine the shape of Episode 5 depicting on how Batman truly feels for Robin:
    - Outcome 1: Batman tells Robin that he doesn't believe in him, and with Robin crushed, he stabs Deathstroke lethally in the eye, and vows to join the League, and presses the button himself on the device that makes Gotham into hell, as Robin becomes the League's second in command, Red Hood.
    - Outcome 2: Batman tells Robin that he believes him, and Robin attempts to escape with Batman out of the lair just in time as Ra's activates the device, and Robin will later then be promoted as Nightwing.
    - Outcome 3: Batman tells Robin nothing, and as he tries to save Robin from his hostage position, Deathstroke kills Robin, as the heroes try to escape the lair when Ra's activates the device.
    From the given outcome from Robin, and Batman severely wounded, the heroes must come up with a plan to save Gotham from Ra's al Ghul's theocratical and tyrannical reign.

    Episode 5: I Am Batman:
    - Ten days have passed, and Gotham is already a dystopian society. Criminals run amok, and the city is under siege by Ra's al Ghul's enforcers, emphasizing fear upon Gotham. As Batman was about to commit suicide, Batgirl, Tiffany, Mr. Freeze and even Catwoman, all popped in to cheer up Batman with more Heroes to help him out, such as Green Arrow, Kitana, The Flash, Blue Beetle, and Cyborg. Batman feels all kinds of cynical about stepping up again to defeat Ra's, but after a surprise visit and pep talk from Alfred, Batman feels hopeful again, and the heroes team up and prepare to finally stop Deathstroke or Red Hood, Scarecrow, and Ra's Al Ghul with the perfected anti-fear serum. After defeating the first two bosses, (rehabilitating Red Hood if chosen path) Batman then confronts Ra's in the Batcave where Ra's threatens to use the fear serum reflected with Batman's greatest fears, making him utterly unstoppable and upgraded into a huge titan monster-like abomination. After the fight, Batman is in a tight situation where Ra's has a hidden bomb that he will use to detonate the Batcave as well as the last of the fear serum. With Batman strangled by Ra's, hard to reach the bomb, he must choose his own ending:
    - Ending 1: Batman cripples his legs, and left Ra's to the police as he saves the city, and lives to tell the tale about it, ending his career as Batman, and leaving the mantle to Batgirl as the new protector of Gotham.
    - Ending 2: Batman kills Ra's, and survives without a scratch, but must face justice for breaking his rule by telling Gotham his true identity, and getting himself arrested for acts of vigilantism, giving the mantle to Batgirl.
    - Ending 3: Batman holds the bomb near Ra's' chest, and dies in the explosion with him, saving all of Gotham as his final act, leaving Batgirl to be the new hero of Gotham to carry on his legacy.

    This is just my version of Batman Telltale Season 3, as I hope that WB Games hasn't given up on telltale games like this, and we'll hope to see what will happen in the future. Feel free to reply to my comment anytime!

  • I can be very honest. WB/DC has absolutely no interest in continuing the story. If they were, Season 3 would have been launched a long time ago.

    Best to focus on what's going on with the movies and animated universe, which is where their money and editorial direction are going to.

    This game is history, unfortunately.

  • Telltale give season 3 please.

  • Telltale still have the rights but they said first they going to make TWA2 and then continue Batman story

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    I can be very honest. WB/DC has absolutely no interest in continuing the story. If they were, Season 3 would have been launched a long time

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    That is what they have been saying since 2016. Honestly, if DC/Warner Media was interested, they would have given the funding for Telltale's Batman 3 version a long time ago. Problem is, ex-staff of Telltale had revealed that the Batman games were a financial failure - see this article

    Realistically, DC/Warner Media will only fund projects that can give ROI. It looks to me they are pouring all their money on the movie which may adapt parts of Telltale's approach -

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    Telltale still have the rights but they said first they going to make TWA2 and then continue Batman story

  • it’s 2024 and i still am waiting on a season 3 telltale pleaseeeee

  • This is an old post but I am going to have to disagree Telltale was unable to make a season 3 because of their company went bankrupt. But now that they are back and maintain the license it’s still possible! 😊😊

    Pinkyswear posted: »

    I can be very honest. WB/DC has absolutely no interest in continuing the story. If they were, Season 3 would have been launched a long time

  • I can't say how much I would LOVE a season 3. I've played s1 and s2 and it's just the greatest Experience I've ever been part of. I have played a lot of games like rdr, tlos, gow, ghost of tsushima and more but telltale Batman was something different.

    This is an old post but I am going to have to disagree Telltale was unable to make a season 3 because of their company went bankrupt. But now that they are back and maintain the license it’s still possible! 😊😊

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