"Acheron: Part II" Episode Discussion

Yeah yeah, I forgot to make a thread on time. Oops.

This episode was...interesting. Only commenting after allowed!


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    To the surprise of no one, Maggie is alive.

    First off, Maggie letting Gage die was...I dunno, kind of dumb. When did people become so scared of walkers? However, I will say the actual death and then him as a walker staring through the glass was fantastic.

    Also, why reveal the old guy was alive only to immediately kill him in the scene with no dialogue? At least let him say some things before he gets an arrow to the face. The Reapers look cool though. And I liked Daryl just quietly reading some stuff and looking at the walls - those are always interesting.

    Lastly, while Eugene's dialogue has always been bizarre, Josh McDermitt is one damn convincing actor. Always has been, I suppose, but man he really sold it here. I quite enjoyed the Commonwealth bit in this episode, Mercer has an intimidating but reasonable presence, and Yumiko's analysis was pretty sharp.

  • Really enjoyable episode and has one of the gnarliest and most unsettling deaths in the series by far. There goes the last of the people who attacked Lydia, and Jesus he did not go peacefully. Maggie’s story was pretty damn horrifying but hot damn was the cinematography gorgeous in that. Really great use of minimal colour. Daryl’s long take scene was also neat, though I felt they could have done more with that instead of him just simply shooting walkers. This might also be Josh McDermitts best performance as Eugene so far. He really pulled off being absolutely freaked out and psychologically tortured. The new villain faction looks like something out of The Purge, which is weird considering they looked more like a paramilitary group from that extra episode last season.

    Honestly I thought Daryl left the old dude in the tunnels so I was surprised to see him at the end looking like Solid Snake, only to get an arrow in the eye.

  • Well, is episode 2 good at least? :| Share the wealth.

    @InGen_Nate_Kenny Sorry for the late reply! I was on holiday :smiley:.

    I did enjoy both premiere episodes quite a lot! Great start to the final season. I thought the Commonwealth plotline had some jarring and weird moments sprinkled throughout (how was Princess admitted just by going to the bathroom?) but also very high highs!

    I also really liked how they escalated Maggie and Negan's rivalry rather than just going the easy route with Negan saving her. Really enjoying Maggie these episodes and her little horror story was... horrific!

    Excited to see what the rest of the season has in store!

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