Important Plot we all missed

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I figured out every detail of the game why was made,
and I got the ending of the game very well and understood everything.

But there is one plot I couldn't understand why it is in or what does it conclude:
Upon the interrogation with TJ boy by Bigby & Snow in front of the mirror @Business Office;
By asking the right questions you get that TJ heard that someone Said:
"Stop Laughing at Me ", Then he Dumped Lily's Body headless.

Who said that?, Didn't Faith take the head and placed it in front of Bigby's House?!
She can't be her?!
and why he said that? Nobody was laughing as TJ said!
this situation I can't Understand and what is the explanation of it.

It is a very long interrogation that U have to Stay careful with Question till U get that answer,
so it must have a meaning or a Conclusion.


  • I think is Bloody Mary laughing at Crane, I guess because the primary scene of the death of Lily is located in the Beauty's hotel after that Lily's body had been taken away and dropped into the lake.

    There are two persons who had been confirmed related to the death of two girls is that George and Mary, they definitely will help Crane deal with the body left in the hotel, but laughing at Crane doesn't accord with George's personality and profession(the owner of the strip club has received many customers). But Mary likes to smile very much in the story, and she definitely will laugh at Crane about his attachment with Snow, because this fits her cold and crazy personality.

    But there are just guessing.

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