"Hunted" Episode Discussion

Last week it had subway madness and a brief appearance of Big Boss. This episode has giant sentient squid-starships...oh wait, wrong Reapers and probably something else.

Comment if you care, maybe before, maybe after, maybe even during.


  • InGen_Nate_KennyInGen_Nate_Kenny Moderator
    edited September 2021

    One word: tension. I felt that everywhere in this episode. It was very anxiety-ensuing. The Reapers are freaking scary - that scene of that Reaper creeping up on Maggie in the matchlight dark, then Maggie pushing him off the stairs, no scream, yells, or whatever, and then the sound of angry footsteps was actually terrifying. Sure, they kind of popped out of nowhere, but it was still creepy.

    I see Maggie's redshirts are all gone. Oh, how we hardly know ye. At least Negan is alive, and he was pretty good this episode. Also, killing a horse like that? That was screwed up, episode.

  • One of the tensest episodes of the series thus far. The Reapers feel like slasher movie villains, even more so than the Whisperers. I found it kinda funny how laid back the horse subplot felt up until the end when the truth comes out on why they need them. Really enjoyed the conversations between kids as well.

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