"Rendition" Episode Discussion

Another episode of the Walking Dead - Daryl-focused, it seems, so some people are probably excited. Not sure if there will be any Commonwealth action - there wasn't any in the last episode.

Ah yes, Reapers! We'll see how that goes. Share your thoughts, if you care.


  • There were some cool moments in this episode, but a lot of it was familiar - from Daryl joining up with the Claimers in Season 4 to the infamous "Easy Street" of Season 7 - and while there were some differences, it definitely held the episode back. At least the acting was pretty good, and it was a surprise to see Leah come back - who would have thought the mini-episodes would have mattered much? The Reapers look cool, and it is interesting to have military training as an explanation, but I'm not buying them. Also, lol, there's like some apocalyptic chaplain who appears to give these funeral rates and then kind of just loiters around. Like, come on, you need to give that guy a conversation with someone else - it seemed interesting.

    Also, I find it amusing that Daryl described Negan as a "tall guy who never shuts up."

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    Probably the weakest so far, maybe because I was never much invested in Daryl, much less his evil girlfriend. I don't know where they're going with this because she is mostly unlikeable so far and doesn't seem like that'll be getting any better. It's hard to know what's on Daryl's mind so it's hard to figure out if he's playing her and will kill her later, or if he actually cares about her even after everything she did this episode.

    Not sure how to feel about the Reapers. The private mercenary gang angle is interesting and explains why they are all so good at killing and hunting people, but then there's the whole culty stuff I just didn't fuck with. Plus their leader is really unconvincing. They are a small group who treat themselves as family and the guy just goes ahead and kills one of his "family" for no reason? It tried coming off as intimidating but really it just felt dumb and kinda just tipped this group into the silly territory.

    Well, seems I just reiterated a lot of points InGen made, I should really read threads before commenting :sweat_smile:

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    Entertaining episode but definitely the weakest of the bunch so far. Here comes the tradition of Daryl getting taken by the villains as a prisoner. I'm gonna be honest I was expecting Easy Street to play when he was in the cell. It was a surprise seeing Leah again, I like how much of an impact the bonus episodes are having on the current storyline. For a group that cares so much about family, they sure have no problem killing each other. Seeing the dude blister and boil in the fire was pretty gross though. A cool bit of continuity with the Reaper who gets turned into a smore, he was the dude attacking Alden who got a knife in the back and flashbanged the crew. So he actually did get attacked from behind while fighting and Pope's just an idiot.

    I'm confused with Leah's relationship with the Reapers. So if I'm getting this right, Leah worked as a merc with them overseas before the apocalypse, went back to her kid sometime before then, her kid then died during the apocalypse, she became a hermit, met up with Daryl then somehow stumbled upon her old crew again? Wasn't her house a wreck when Daryl went to her house at the end of that episode? So I guess they attacked her before they realised who she was or something?

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