"Promises Broken" Episode Discussion

Last week was spooky time, this week...maybe not so much. But Daryl! Commonwealth! Excitement!

Feel free to share your thoughts...or not.


  • There's also a World: Beyond episode...I guess you can share your thoughts on that here too.

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    Fun episode. Really enjoyed Eugene this episode, especially with him punching Sebastian in the face lmao. Also really love that they're actually using the Whisperers tactics against the Reapers. It was neat having Negan train Maggie how to walk among the walkers and then seeing them gathering up a horde.

  • I really liked this episode, it might be the best of the season. Each storyline was compelling. I liked seeing Daryl's tracking skills on display, and I also think Pope's anger was good - sometimes it feels like the antagonists in this show don't show enough anger. The Commonwealth storyline was really interesting; Lance Hornsby is a rather interesting character, and that smile he has - it's rather sleazy. I also found Ezekiel's enthusiasm for the Commonwealth as an interesting development. Sebastian Milton in all his assholeness was on display, and it was great seeing Eugene 1) be really aggressive killing walkers and 2) hitting that piece of crap. I would say that Sebastian was kind of unrealistically a jerk, but that's a minor point. The guy really sucks, that's all. Also, that secretary - that character seems important. Lastly, the Maggie-Negan storyline was great. It's nice that the show isn't forgetting the Whisperer storyline (I said this for the episode with the Whisperer remnant). It's very cool to see Negan share his knowledge, and remain a bit of a prick with Maggie while still making an effort to make amends. And Elijah's bit with his undead sister - I thought that was nice. I like that character. And Gabriel's encounter with the apocalyptic shaman guy was effectively tense and genuinely interesting.

    I am looking forward to the mid-season finale. Haven't watched World Beyond yet though.

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