"For Blood" Episode Discussion

Last week it was a great episode with the Whisperers reborn but not really because it's Maggie, Negan, and Elijah. Daryl, Dog, and Leah did some things, and there was some crazy shenanigans at the Commonwealth. Now it's the end of the mid-season, and it's been pretty good. Hope it's a good one.

Comment if you care. Also you can talk about World Beyond but honestly I don't think people care much so you know.


  • That episode was really good. It was very tense throughout - I was pretty worried for some of the characters there (Gabriel?). I also thought the Reapers were actually pretty well-done: they use actual tactics and aren't cannon fodder in the sense that they tend to put up a fight/are killed when at a disadvantage (the death of Wells was also a fantastic retread of Jesus' death back in Season 9). Whisperer tactics being used was fascinating, as last episode. Pope may have been 1-dimensional before, but I thought the acting was on point - there's a tactical mind at play and a god-complex. And he's dead too, with Leah in charge, which is an interesting but understandable twist. And Daryl being this manipulator was great - you can see him trying to influence Pope's tactics, and then using his thing with the cigarettes he tried (non-violently) in the previous episode to kill a Reaper. And Daryl's his moment of vulnerability was pretty good, admitting his deception to Leah to save his friends, was a different side of him, which I didn't have that much trouble buying. If it was some rando, then yeah, it would be weird, but this was a woman Daryl loved so I bought it. Also, where is Dog?

    The Alexandria storyline kind of seemed like it was just happening to give us a reason to see those characters, although the acting of Cailey Fleming, Rosita's pretty badass scene, and an interesting moment with Virgil.

    Cliffhanger ending was so-and-so, but these endings are always cliffhangers so. I look forward to the rest of the season. If only Fear were close to this good.

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    Really enjoyable episode! Loved that they used the Whisperers tactics against the Reapers and the Jesus parallels. Considering how terrified they were of the Whisperers just a season or two before, it's kinda messed up to use it against another group. I mean, they totally deserved it but still. Thank God Pope is dead. I got tired of him quick and now it's Leah's time to shine. It went pretty much how I expected with her turning heel by the end. Though I do like that Pope's hypocritical behaviour towards his own group and his hyper willingness to sacrifice them was addressed.

    The storm side story was alright. Rosita finally gets some stuff again which is great. It's been a long while since she's had the chance to. I honestly thought she was gonna die when she went out to face the mini horde. I have a feeling she might not make it out of this series alive. Maybe she'll take the place of a certain badass sniper from the comics. Of course Judith continues to be great.

    That ending was super cheesy though lol. With the fireworks hitting the screen and the cut to black. Looking forward to the rest of the season next year!

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