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  • god bless you for single handedly keeping the fear the walking dead fanbase alive, ingen. you're a brave man and one day i will catch up on fear just for you

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    Didn't watch Fear but the final episode of World Beyond came out. I also didn't watch that, but I did watch the after credits scene which is actually pretty wild and it might have some pretty big ramifications for all the other shows in the future. I don't quite know how I feel about it yet but it does put the series in an interesting direction.

    Summary of the World Beyond after credits scene:

    The after credits scene takes place in France. A french woman is scrounging up some hard drives and setting up a laptop in an abandoned lab. She searches through the laptops files and opens up a video recording of Dr. Jenner from the first season of The Walking Dead, who at the time revealed that France was still working on trying to find a cure. A man appears, aiming a gun at her and it is revealed that she was one of the contacts Jenner had in France. The man blames him for her part in the outbreak, implying that the virus was man made. During their attempts to make a cure, they accidentally created variants of the virus that caused some changes in the zombies. The man then shoots the woman in the head and he leaves. The video continues to play, however the body of the woman soon starts groaning and she slowly gets back up. The woman starts heading for the metal door at a quick pace before going into a full sprint. She reaches the door and begins bashing at it with force, growing more violent and enraged. The scene ends with a shot from outside the door as the metal begins to dent.

    Humans created the zombie virus and also created variants of infected that can not only run fast, but survive a bullet to the head and are stupid strong. This might also indicate a possible spin off set in France which would be a really interesting setting, especially with the runners.

    I wonder if this could their way of explaining the more intelligent and faster zombies from the first season. So I guess as the show progressed they just began rotting away and got slower.

  • The Portrait was easily the best episode of s7 so far with quite a lot of pretty great moments and even twists. Some great character development and character moments especially between Strand and Morgan. Even though S7 has been pretty hit and miss in the grand scheme of things, Morgan is a massive improvement. He's easily the best he's been since S3 of TWD, which may not say too much but I really enjoy that he finally acts like a normal survivor and is pretty ruthless. I mean,

    The man nearly killed Strand with poison this episode, and covered it up as well as he could. And when he was found out, there was zero sign of remorse.

    As for World Beyond. The final episode is really releasing next week, but I guess thanks to amc+ I'll talk about it here too. World Beyond in general has been very much enjoyable since episode 6 and episode 10 did not really let me down. Episode 8 and 9 were pretty solid as well but I don't got much to say about them. Biggest thing about Episode 10 is the after credits for sure, as well as all scenes involving the CRM. Let's just say the after credits was amazing and it very much widens the scope of the entire universe.

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