Looking for participants for psychological online research about post-game depression


I hope it's okay for me to make such a post here. I've been in love with TWD games since the original release. And video games have been a huge part of my life since I've got my first sNES console.

To cut to the chase - I work in academia as a psychologist who wants to study video game playing experience. I'm conducting a short study right now to write about post-game depression. Below You will find a link to the google forms document. If you would like to tell me about Your meaningful video game playing experience please fill free to do so below:


There is no confidential info needed, just age, gender and title of the game that you described. Be as thorough and detailed as possible please since I need narratives about the said experience.

Take care


  • Hey, i did get some answers so thanks to those that filled the form :) !

  • You're welcome,good luck with your study.

    Hey, i did get some answers so thanks to those that filled the form !

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    Totally cool to share this here. TWD games are epic, right? It's awesome you're delving into studying gaming experiences, especially post-game depression. Understanding this could help so many.

    For anyone interested, this survey seems like a great way to share your gaming stories without needing any sensitive info. Detailing your gaming experiences can offer valuable insights.

    Btw, if you're curious about signs of generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), they typically include excessive worry, restlessness, trouble concentrating, and physical symptoms like muscle tension. If you think you might be dealing with GAD or want more info, these signs could be helpful. Good luck with your study—hope it unveils some fascinating insights!

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