How will decisons carry over from season 1?

Just like everyone I am glad to see that wolf among us is back and I can't wait to play the game when it is finally complete. However there is one thing that concerns me about season 2. Will our decisions carry over from season 1. Considering that other Telltale games have done this it's a safe bet that it will be the same for wolf among us 2. However we have yet to receive any confirmation on this matter. Also if our choices were to carry over from the previous season how exactly will this be accomplished? There are few ways in which this could be done.

  1. Save import.
    This would be unlikely since the previous game is almost decade old and most players will unlikely still have their save files from a decade ago. Although it still would be nice to have an option since players can still play wolf among us and create a new save file in preparation for the sequel.

  2. Season 1 choices made in game.
    Another way which other games have tackled this is by getting the player to pick the choices they made in the previous at the beginning of the next one. A prime example of this is in the witcher 3 when Geralt is asked at the beginning what happened in his previous adventures allowing the player to select the choices that they made in the previous game.

  3. Online save generator.
    An interesting way of going about this is for player to create a save file online by going to the Telltale website. This was done for dragon age where you could go to the website Dragon age the keep and it contains literally hundreds of choices that you made in the previous games. You select the choices you made and a save is generated for you. Since there are so many choices in Dragon age it makes sense to do this online since it could take you hours to sift through all the choices that you have made. Maybe the same could be done with the wolf among us 2.

To be honest I would prefer a combination of 2 and 3. I believe the choices that you can make in the previous season should be shown to you at the beginning of the game and you have the choice to choose the choices that you made or randomize them. Since there is nowhere as many choices in wolf as there is in Dragon age this would be feasible. I would also like it it wasn't just the major choices that player makes but minor choices as well, such as whether or not Bigby ripped off Grens arm, smashed up Georgies place or chose to follow Nerissa. Although it would be cool if Telltale did what dragon age did and included every choice the player could possibly make and there was an acknowledgement of almost all of them (even though most of them were just line alterations.) Sadly I don't think we are going to see a mass effect style outcome when it comes to our choices with entire scenes playing based on what you did and who survived, although that would be cool.

So what do you guys think? How will wolf 2 handle our choices from the previous season.... that is, if it does so at all......


  • Well considering that it is going to be mostly likely released on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S they’ll either bundle Season 1 with the pre-order of Wolf 2. Or like the other TellTale Games where you pick your choices from a before the episode starts screen. But hopefully they have some sort of cloud that lets you import your saves from other consoles. Maybe if it is linked to your gamer tag?

  • Sorry not sure if my comment posted, I think the website is glitching a bit on my phone after I clicked post it didn’t but showed the saved draft in the post comment section so sorry if I double posted.

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