Am I the Only One Who Didn't Like This Character?

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Am I the only one who hated Bloody Mary's character? She's portrayed to be this sinister butcher, yet she didn't even kill anyone, much less butcher anyone. She talked way too much, and her voice and expressions were really annoying.

Then there's her true form, looks weird, makes weird breathing and chattering sounds, duplication isn't explained, and I hated the fact that her death was so clean. Dum's death was much more brutal than hers. I was really hoping Bigby would've bitten her head off or something while in her human form and see much more blood with her screaming.

I was also expecting the Crooked Man to be much more sinister, kinda like the horror movie, or at least more crooked, and again no backstory. He also didn't do anything but talk.

However the game was great, and I absolutely loved Bigby's true form. I kinda thought his second form was it, but at the end as soon as he was down I was like yeeessss this is it. His huff and puff was really cool too.

Also, I just watched the trailer for the second game, and it looks awesome.



  • Well I do agree with some of your points I will try my best to explain how I believe her power works.
    Duplication- It’s always stated in her legend, myth, story or whatever you want to call it that she appears in mirror in dark if you use candles. Now let’s say a few people do it on the same night at the same time it would make sense that she can appear in different locations at the same time. Which I think is how Telltale got their duplication idea.
    The breathing and chattering didn’t bother me but it did make me wonder why it was there at first until I realized that she is a kind of undead or ghostly entity.
    I do think Bigby should’ve been a bit more brutal with her than any other character but then again I do think that Bigby wanted to end the fight as quickly as possible as we see from the nightmare sequence in episode 4 that he was a bit of afraid of her.
    The Crooked Man’s legend I am not to familiar with so I can’t really offer anything on him.
    I do love the trailer for the second game and I hope it comes out earlier in 2023 as opposed to late 2023.

  • I actually loved her, but I agree with you on The Crooked Man being just there... talking.

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