"Lockdown" Episode Discussion (TWD 11x17)

Oops, I forgot TWD 11x17 was airing tonight. Well, here's an episode discussion thread for the three of us who may care. We're almost to the end, and I am almost free of making these threads. Here's to hoping the final episodes are good.


  • We're almost to the end, and I am almost free of making these threads.

    Aha so you think, we got Fear S8 and 15 spinoffs to go !

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    Overall decent episode. Very "meaty" episode, in more ways than one. Yuck.

    The episode begins with narration from a child after the end of the series which is interesting, along with a bunch of flashbacks featuring Rick. I wonder whose kid it is. There's like six stories going on at the same time and I found it difficult to keep track of all of them. They also extended the intro a little and cleaned up the title card! I enjoyed Negan's interactions with everyone, especially Jerry, even if it was just for a couple seconds, he also gets to say "Fuck" for the first time, Rosita gets some time to shine with a 50. cal machine gun, and you get to see Sebastian get slapped, what more could you ask for.

    The Commonwealth soldiers here are useless compared to the comics lmao. In the comics, one of them could walk right through a horde no problem and come back out without a scratch, but here they're just really dumb and constantly get killed. The Milton's are way more sinister here than their original counterparts. In the comics, regardless of what happened, at least you can tell that Pamela did legitimately care about the people of the Commonwealth. She's way more cold and corrupt here, same with Sebastian who is a lot more of a bastard.

    Only 7 more episodes to go. Honestly while I'm glad the show is finally ending, even if there are like five more spin offs on the way, I'll be pretty sad to see it go cause I've actually been enjoying the past couple seasons, even if there were some... missteps along the way.

  • Why are you still going? Just to suffer?

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