"Variant" Episode Discussion

A few minutes late, but hey, it's this week's TWD episode. We only have...5(?) left before the series finale, so let's see if there are any surprises still in store.

Comment, if you fancy.


  • Great episode, the best of the batch so far in my opinion. Love the callback to the season 1 walkers, though there really should have been more than one smart walker. Would have made things even more tense. Hopefully that isn't the last of the super walkers we see. I'll be mildly annoyed if this is the one we get just to set up the Daryl spin off. Really great acting by Josh McDermitt and Christian Serratos, who unfortunately hasn't had much to do until now). Paola Lázaro also has a really great monologue in this, further expanding Princess as a character, also a great use of their one F bomb per episode.

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